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The official application of the World Boardgaming Championships

This is the official app of the World Boardgaming Championships, the largest event presented by the Boardgame Players Association (BPA). From August 3-9, 2015, join us at the Lancaster Host Resort in Lancaster, PA, USA for a week of various board game tournaments, auctions, and vending. Board gamers, players, collectors, and game enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Visit the WBC web site for more info.

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Use the WBC app to star events and save them to your personal schedule. In the “Starred” view, you can view your entire personal schedule on a day by day basis. In the full “Schedule” view, you can view your started schedule along with the entire WBC schedule, however your events will appear under each hour of the convention they fall into. By collapsing the event list for each hour, the headers will display your schedule on an hourly basis.


Create your own events add to your schedule. Just add a name, time, location, and which days of the convention your event will occur. You can also use the schedule sharing feature to export your custom events, along with your full personal schedule, and share them with your friends, coworkers, or other devices.

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The WBC app will notify you when your starred events are about to start. By default, the notification interval is 5 minutes, which ought to be enough time to reach any room in the hotel. Those of you whose room is more of a walk need not fear, for the application allows you to set your own notification time to anything from minute to an hour.


Use the hotel map built into WBC to ensure your never get lost among the hysteria of the convention. WBC has a large variety of events, so some events are in rooms so small their name does not fit in the map. But if you select an event from the schedule, the room for your event will flash on the map so you can see the events location and know where to go.

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  • Offline storage of schedule (app does not require internet connection after download)
  • View entire WBC schedule by day and hour
  • View schedule of individual tournament
  • Find rooms on hotel map
  • Create personalized schedule for your week at WBC
  • Add events to your individual schedule
  • Filter tournaments and non-tournaments out of your schedule
  • Edit and view all your tournament finishes
  • Create and share notes for individual events